AMD’s Top Secret Mission (Impossible)

AMD has recently released a video of what seems to be their new GPU.


In a move that clearly seeks to raise the hype around this new addition to the AMD family of GPUs , AMD has posted ,via their youtube chanell, a “Top Secret” themed video featuring their GPU in a big nice suitcase .

Our Point of View : Although this top secret theme is achieving its goal of creating an initial hype for the new release the execution just seems so much on the fly . For a company of their range it would be wise, if you ask me, to create something a bit more decent unless it was intentionally created that way .

In the details, this new GPU seems to come with a radiator and a pretty stylish cooler on the GPU itself . Now what remains is to see some benchmarks and if budget allows it do some hands on !


Stay tuned !


Edit : So we have a name for the beast and its AMD Randeon R9 295X 2 8GB ! (More details and technical specifications to be added on a separate post)


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