Smashing a Samsung Galaxy S5

So this video came into our attention, of a guy over at TechRax (a channel where smashing and pushing technology to its physical limits is the rule ).

The reviewer , initially tests the endurance of the back cover of the device with a sharpened knife . What we can see is that the device has quite a good endurance although some marks are visible . Switching to the side of the phone, we can see its much more vulnerable to scratching . Finally , reaching the very essence of the device , its screen , we can clearly see that a few swipes with the knife had absolutely no effect on it .

The next step is the hammering ! A low height drop of the hammer straight to the screen leaves the last intact . Even a few weak hits cannot affect it . Eventually , when hitting power is increased , the screen cracks . But then the review decides to take it to the next level totally hammering the device. What follows can barely be described. As the battery of the device , after a few hits , starts to expand eventually spraying around dangerous chemicals .

As TweakTown explain in their article :

” thanks to the design of the battery it didn’t explode, as the battery itself will vent pressure out of a single corner of itself. This avoids ” (probably meant prevents) ” the battery catching fire, resulting in a quite harmful explosion. “


Our Point of View : I trust that under normal circumstances you would never try to hammer the battery of your phone . But in cases where the battery is under a great amount of pressure (i.e. being crushed under the weight of a car) it’s a wise move to provide the battery with an exhaust  so that an aggressive explosion can be avoided  . In my opinion having your face sprayed with chemicals is not as bad as having your face or even your house burned down .


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