The new Intel Edison!

Hi Guys,

long time no see…which I guess is my fault,anyway you know what time is it? It’s cookie time!!!!


Just kidding. It’s new product time, as of yesterday the Intel Edison is available for purchase. What is the Intel Edison you ask? Well it is a (deep breath) , SD card-sized computer/development board that sports a dual core Intel Atom with dual threaded CPU clocking in at 500 MHz and an additional 32-bit Intel Quark clocking in at 100MHz. Also this little guy has support for 40 GPIO pins. Memory wise it includes 1 GB LPDDR3 and 4 GB EMMC  which make it easy on the batteries meaning that it is ideal for low-power applications.Also the board supports dual-band WiFi and Low Energy Bluetooth. But the above are just to sweeten the deal,notice that I reffered to it as little guy? That was no joke, the board is tiny! How tiny exactly? Well take a look:


It’s usefull to keep in mind that the Edison is a computer at heart meaning that it’s a step above the microcontroller family boards (Arduino,PIC,etc.) and gives you a variety of programming languages you can use,the list includes:

  • Arduino
  •  C/C++
  • Node.JS
  • Python (yummy)
  • RTOS


So why should you/I buy it ?

Well if you have an Intel Galileo and you find it too big and/or power-hungry for your next project or you find your Arduino Due too underpowered,but you think a Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black is a bit of an overkill you fall right in the Edison category !

Oh almost forgot there are a few shields available for the Edison too,but I will let you find them by yourselfes and who knows maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next project on the way! I know I did 😉

Thanks Tommy!

t e

Stam out.

(Images by Google)


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