UNBOXING : Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition

Our Unboxing video of Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition is live ! Check it out now !



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UPCOMING: WATCH_DOGS Vigilante Edition Unboxing


Yes ! We have been working on this for a while. Within the next few days we will hopefully bring you an unboxing video of the Vigilante edition of Ubisoft’s new title : WATCH_DOGS ! The exact date depends on when our local retailer will actually deliver our order but it is expected within the week. So stay tuned for an in depth analysis of what we found in the WATCH_DOGS Vigilante edition !


Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Collector Edition Revealed

CE Contents

And it seems to include a lot of goodies. As well it should, considering its $169.99 price tag.

The announcement came out yesterday by way of the official BioWare forums. You can find a list of all the items included plus some links to major retailers in case you feel like pre-ordering.

So what are you getting for that price? The CE includes a case wrapped in faux reptile skin, a cloth map of Thedas, a set of tarot cards, map markers, a lockpick set,¬† a badge, coins, a 40-page inquisitor’s journal and, of course, the game in a steel case. It also includes all the stuff from¬† the Digital Deluxe edition.

I consider myself a fan of the series but at that price, it’s not very tempting. The inkpot and quill, as well as the case look really cool. Just not $169.99 cool.