GTA V : First Person Experience

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Hey guys !

So earlier this week Rockstar Games released a video showing off the first person experience of the much waited Grand Theft Auto V for PC. First of all , it’s worth noting that in only four days the video has accumulated nearly 3 million views and 63 thousand upvotes . At a first glance you can see that the character movement is sleek which is revealing given that GTA was never much of a first person game and that adding this very option would look like a great challenge that Rockstar seems to have just pulled through. But enough with my talking ! Enjoy the video :

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Enter Sony X(spy)ria,Sony devices that contain spyware:


Here's the spyware, there's the spyware, where's the spyware ?

Here’s the spyware, there’s the spyware, where’s the spyware ?

Have you heard about Baidu? Well,if you own a Sony smartphone that sports the 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 Kit-Kat firmware then chances are that Baidu has heard of you and is also sending personal data to a Chinese server,neat huh? In addition to the above the folder that contains the spyware in embedded inside the firmware,so even if you delete it every time your phone (in fact the My Xperia service of it) establishes a connection with the web the folder is recreated all over again, of course without your measly  permission.It hasn’t been yet confirmed to whom this server might belong or what kind of data it receives.Feeling safe? Don’t.Seems that our good friend the Chinese government has the toys to change settings,know your location,manipulate your apps and other lovelies that obliterate user-provider confidentiality.So for the million dollar question:how do to know if you have it or not and how to get rid of it,if you do.According to user reports the spyware “contaminated” devices have a file called Baidu installed that establishes the connection with the server.Got it?The removal process is posted in detail here:

Makes you feel all warm inside that your trusty HTC will never spy on you,doesn’t it?Well think again,users reported having the same issue on their HTC devices too, more specifically on the One M7 and OneX. What’s Sony’s stand on this?Sony declared that they are aware of the problem and the next firmware issues will not have it.Oh,and if you already have it then you will probably have to wait for the new Android Lollipop versιon coming out in January.That’s all guys and don’t forget: even smartphones have ears nowadays 😉


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Microsoft , FedEx & Local Contractor



Hello guys, Lonas here !

So, as the title probably hints, this article is about a personal experience/encounter with the above companies. First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Microsoft not only for the IoT (Internet of Things) Dev Kit but also for their stance during the whole process (read on, read on you’ll see).

Let’s go back a bit (a few months if I’m not mistaken). A program Microsoft had started fell into my attention. The program was named Windows Developer Program for IoT. So being interested in DIY electronics and with a few ideas for internet of things in mind I decided to sign up. The process was easy enough just filling some personal data (name, mail etc) programming knowledge and a field where you had to fill the applications you are interested in or that you have in mind . As soon as I submitted the form I got a (probably) automated mail from Microsoft IoT team saying that they had received my application and that if I was selected I would be contacted. One or two months passed and the whole thing had totally slipped my mind. So I’m opening my mail one morning to find a mail from Microsoft IoT team saying that my IoT Dev kit had been shipped via FedEx and giving me the tracking number. I was , to say the truth , a bit stunned since there was no prior communication informing me that I had been chosen for the program just this mail saying that the kit was shipped. But stunned in a very very good way. And a few days passed and I got an e-mail from FedEx’s local contractor informing me that a package for me had encountered customs delay and that action from my part was needed. I was a bit confused since it was the first time (after 4 years or so of ordering electronics from aboard) something I had ordered encountered customs. But nevertheless, I contacted them via a number they provided me with in the e-mail. They were very helpful and friendly and told me all I had to do is give them a rough description of what is in the package and they would then guide and help me through the process. I knew that since it had stopped at the customs there would be some kind of tax but I was ok with that since it’s usually a small percentage of the estimated value of the contents. Shortly after , I got an e-mail (from the local contractor) informing me what I had to pay to get the package out of the customs. And here is about the point it get serious. An the bill there was :

Customs’ cost : ~25 Euros (reasonable)

Airport cost: ~15 Euros (This is what they wanted for transporting the package from the airport to me but problem is the posting was already paid by the sender)

Their payment for the process : ~85 Euros

I don’t know if it’s only me but at the time I found it absurd that I had to pay triple the customs’ fee as a payment to them given the fact that posting was already paid and that they are supposed to be FedEx contractors. What I did was that I contacted them and informed them that given the charges I was not willing to receive the package since the contents were not worth 125 Euros and that they would have to return it (policy is that if you do not pay the customs’ fee within 5 days the package is then returned to the sender) which would cost them the posting back. Their reply was that they would try to reach the sender and try to reach an agreement. A few days after I receive an e-mail informing me that the customs’ fee along with the contractor’s payment were covered by the sender and once again I was amazed by Microsoft’s superiority. In a last stand to get some money out of me the contractor sent me over the document’s I had to sign in order for them to be able take the package out of the customs.  But instead of stating that I grant them permission to “import” (this is the term local customs use) this single package the document I was presented with stated that I grant them permission to undertake all of my imports for the next five years. This practically meant that the next time that a package of mine would reach customs they would go get it send it to me and charge me the full price without ever informing me and that even if I refused to receive the package  I would owe them the full price since they had done the process for me. All in all , I now have the Windows Dev Kit for IoT and I can’t wait to get started with some projects (oh you’ll be the first to know if I make something good !) and I deeply feel I owe a big big thank you to Microsoft for both sending me the kit and for ensuring that I reaches me.

That’s all for now, I hope I haven’t bored you.

See you all soon !

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Kim Dotcom in search of whistleblower. Price $5 Million


Kim Dotcom seems to be wanting to loose the handcuffs once and for all. As legal fights are still alive against him , Kim , announced he will reward $5 million to anyone willing to whistleblow  any illegal tactics used by his prosecutors (US government and New Zealand government) in order to acquire evidence against him or forward his case. As KitGuru says :

“Former Senator and now MPAA chairman Chris Dodd and Vice President Joe Biden in particular have abused their political power to make the pre-trial destruction of Megaupload possible,” he said. In the whitepaper he published last year, Dotcom suggested that Biden deliberately promoted a colleague of his to focus on taking down Megaupload.

He also mentioned that the evidence doesn’t need to be case winning, it just need to give Dotcom an advantage in the legal fight. More on, he suggested various means to anonymously provide this information.

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Gamers are more Educated Social and Successful, study says


According to a recent study conducted by Twitch and social researcher Neil Howe, it turns out that the image of a lonely antisocial nerdy kid in his parent’s home is a bit more than inaccurate. The study actually shows that Gamers tend to be more social well Educated and successful than Non-Gamers.

gamers are more likely to be living with others, such as family, friends or significant others, and are more likely to agree with the following statement: “My friends are the most important thing in my life”, having 57% of gamers agree with the statement. – eteknix says

Also gamers turns out to be more likely to work full time with a 42% of Gamers stating they have a full-time job compared to a 39% of Non-Gamers.

Our Opinion : While we all know this fact as Gamers, we have to note that one could question the results. Since gamers could have deliberately answered the questionnaires the way they did in order to boost their image. In our point of view, even though the above could be true, the study results do depict the actual state of Gamers.

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UPCOMING: WATCH_DOGS Vigilante Edition Unboxing


Yes ! We have been working on this for a while. Within the next few days we will hopefully bring you an unboxing video of the Vigilante edition of Ubisoft’s new title : WATCH_DOGS ! The exact date depends on when our local retailer will actually deliver our order but it is expected within the week. So stay tuned for an in depth analysis of what we found in the WATCH_DOGS Vigilante edition !